Fixed Safety Cameras

GoSafe has 130 “wet-film” and 26 digital fixed camera locations throughout Wales to detect vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit on roads. They are placed at a location with a history of road traffic collisions in which speed was a causation factor in the incident or by the severity of the injury.

We also operate 42 Gatso red light cameras, which detect vehicles passing through traffic signals when the light is on red and 6 RedSpeed digital “speed on green” cameras, which are dual function in that they detect red light offences and speeding offences which occur when traffic is passing through the signals when the light is on green.  Also a SPECS average speed system which capture your speed at a certain point in the road and track your speed over a set distance, which may be several miles!

The most common make of fixed speed camera in Wales is the ‘Gatso’ – invented by former Dutch rally and racing driver Maurice Gatsonides. These cameras are painted yellow and are reflective so they can be easily identified.

Fixed speed camera sites have secondary check marks painted on the road surface at specified distances. The speed of the vehicle is confirmed by counting the number of marks the vehicle has passed over between the first and second photograph.

We also operate Truvelo Speed Cameras and SPECS Average speed cameras.